As an avid reader, I have always considered myself a life-long learner. Life-long learners are self-directed learners -- actively pursuing learning opportunities anywhere and everywhere they go. Books and reading have always engaged and empowered independent learners. Since the early 1990s, technology has increased the opportunities for life-long learners to actively pursue unlimited learning opportunities. The E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate Program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout is just one such opportunity. This electronic portfolio was created to organize the artifacts and reflections representative of my learning throughout this program of study.

The technology of WEB 2.0 allows learners to not just read information, but to create and share content, building collaborative personal learning networks throughout the connected world. By organizing and presenting my work in a Wiki format, I am able to also create a dynamic platform for extending my learning through collaboration. Everyone is welcome to view the site and contribute ideas, suggestions, or new information through the discussion tab found at the top of the page.

Wikis are easy to create, navigate, and maintain. While I have manually coded several websites, including my Master's Degree Portfolio, coding requires time which I often do not have. The Wikispaces interface requires little coding knowledge and is much easier to update, making this type of project more accessible to students and technophobes as well as more techno-savvy individuals.

To view the work I have done for classes in the E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate Program, use the site navigation panel to the left.